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Founded in 1998, Georgia In Home Services is a fully licensed and insured general contractor with an A+ Rating with the BBB for 16 years. 

As General Manager for Atlanta-based, Riaan Garforth-Venter covers home improvement from whole house renovation to new builds and restoration projects. He smiles, “I enjoy assisting homeowners so we can build spaces they love”.

Practical solutions with an eye for style are why Riaan chose to collaborate with the LION Builder Studios project, partnering with the LION duo, Séverine and Lionel, to handle installations of these meticulously designed, detached studios.

Owner of Georgia In Home Services, Danny Diulus feels “Atlanta’s small business community will fall in love with how these elegant studios will enhance day-to-day business, they can present products and take meetings in an independent space.” 

Riaan and Danny are looking forward to the happiness that the many LION Studio installations will bring to the people of Georgia.


“The Studios are versatile, fitting for so many dream purposes”, says Riaan, “and, as a prior teacher for down-syndrome young adults, what caught my eye, is that with 256 square feet, the LION Studio ADA is perfectly adapted to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)”. 

ABOUT Riaan Garforth-Venter

Riaan’s building skills and talent are top-notch, enhancing the look and feel of your world. Over 14 years on-air, viewers tuned in weekly to learn from his TV show ‘DIY WITH RIAAN’ in South Africa. Arriving in Atlanta in 2015, Riaan started work with BOLD AMERICAN EVENTS. As a Creative Builder and Operations Manager, he built for client events like Delta, Google, Home Depot, Porsche, and 200 Peachtree. He went on to build 175 student units in Auburn Alabama. 

Riaan started life as a High School teacher, with a degree in wood and metal work, technical drawings & mathematics. His career grew into Set Building for Commercials and Film. Proficient in building homes and outdoor areas, there are few projects Riaan hasn’t already tackled.  Known for his work in sustainable living efforts, Riaan believes that it’s about living the green revolution, and he built an entirely off-grid (solar) family home, installing energy and water-saving mechanisms, from black, grey, and red water systems to using only planet-sustainable materials and décor finishes. The house is rated 100% by the ‘South African Green Building Council’. Construction is documented for a 30-half-hour TV series called “LOVE & MORTAR”, aired on DSTV’s THE HOME CHANNEL

Highlights outside of DIY and Construction are:

  • Winning the popular TV show “STRICTLY COME DANCING” Season 2. 
  • Voted as the “COUPLE OF THE YEAR 2010” with his conservation journalist wife Michelle. 
  • Refurbishing several animal shelter clinics in Africa, from Rita Miljo’s C.A.R.E Baboon Sanctuary to FREE Me’s Wild Animals Hurt In Suburbia, to SANCCOB’s Rehabilitation for Penguins and other Sea Birds. 
  • Refurbishing several human shelter clinics in Africa, from Dullstroom Epilepsy Residential Care to Women and Children’s Care in Gaansbaai, to fixing homes in several townships as an on-going outreach program.

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